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Apartment Therapy

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Ocean Home

A shiny new condo by the beach in Miami (photo: Michael Stavaridis), October/November 2020

Edible Boston

Family-size operation focuses on the “parts that make sense right now” (photo: Michael Piazza), Summer 2020

Boston Spirit

LGBTQ Designers Q&A Feature, January/February 2020

New Old House

A young family makes refreshing changes to a historic Greek Revival house and carries its story forward (Photo: Michael J. Lee), December 2019

North Bennet Street School

Inside Instruments of the Masters: CT Scans For Violin Making and Repair, 2019 Annual Report for Alumni


Guest Editor, Fall 2019

Interiors Boston

For a couple with young kids, a unit in Millennium Tower is family-friendly with an abundance of chic touches (photo: Greg Premru), Fall 2019
A Seaport residence with dramatic hues (photo: Sean Litchfield), Summer 2019
A mixture of textures and tones 58 stories above the ground (photo: Michael J. Lee), January 2019

Traditional Building

A Bulfinch award-winning landscape is classically designed to be in harmony with its history and surroundings (photo: Neil Landino), Spring 2019

Boston Home

An architect’s new abode speaks to his love for his profession and his family (photo: Greg Premru), February 2019
A young family moves into a historical house and brightens the interior with architectural details, custom furniture, and a crisp coat of white paint (photo Michael J. Lee), November 2018


A organic practice farm and its spectacular farm-to-table dinner (photo: Eric Roth) May 2019

Northshore Home

A couple that had always wanted to renovate an old farmhouse preserves a historic 1785 home for their family of six (photo: Eric Roth), Fall 2020
Easy living is found in a home in Salisbury that hits all the right notes (photo: Jared Kuzia) July 2019
With views of Marblehead Harbor, a new house becomes a home with design choices that make everyone happy (photo: Michael J. Lee) July 2019
At home and in the studio with Holly Gagne (photo: Eric Roth), February 2019)
A modern-day family finds its place in a 100-year-old house (photo: Joyelle, West), February 2019
Builders Steve and Susan Howell invigorated their home by reimagining what their kitchen could do (photo: Eric Roth), November 2018
With the help of interior designer Jenn Sanborn, a couple downsizes into a stylish condo (photo: Michael J. Lee), November 2018

The Boston Globe

Architect Ken Hurd transforms his in-home studio into an accessory dwelling unit he currently rents (photo: Richard Mandelkorn), August 2018Richard Mandelkorn

Special Places by The Trustees

If This Hill Could Talk: Fruitland Museum’s stunning landscape, unique collection, and considerable history, Spring 2017

Design New England

Design New England - March/April 2018

Design New England - March/April 2018

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Design New England - March/April 2017

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Design New England - September/October 2016

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Design New England - November/December 2015







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